Lunch-n-Learn: Legal Insights for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and business owners wear many hats. One hat that they shouldn’t wear is that of their own counsel. This presentation will discuss the different issues, pitfalls, and considerations to be considered when starting and operating a business. Additionally, the presenter will address how business owners and entrepreneurs can save time, money, and stress by planning for future events now, rather than reacting once these events occur.Read More >

5 Social Media Errors That Will Hurt Your Small Business

Social media is an always-changing web marketing strategy. The everyday users are in the millions and it offers a limitless audience to advertise your business. It’s very effective. Still, a lot of small business owners fall short to comprehend how to use it the right way. As these websites continue to evolve, it’s worthwhile to know the latest social media trends and refrain from making the usual mistakes that can be disadvantageous for you.Read More >