Ten 2017 Upgrades

We are incredibly proud of all the upgrades we have made around here, and it’s all thanks to YOU! Our members are always making great suggestions and thanks to the growth we’ve experienced in the last year we have been able to expand and grow more than ever before. Here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish this year (so far!):

Phone Booths

We understand not everyone needs a private office every day, but there are certainly moments when you need a quiet space to make a call or host a web conference. Complete with VoIP phones and Ethernet cords, these booths are ready for you.

Vending Machine

Snack craving during the day? We’ve all been there. Now, thanks to our new tastibot vending machine you can grab a healthy (but equally delicious) snack or drink anytime you want.

Better Coffee

You might expect coffee at any coworking facility, but do you expect good coffee? If you’re at CoWorkTampa, you should. We now proudly serve coffee from Zeal Coffee Roasters, an organic local coffee brand.

More Coworking Tables

We want everyone to have plenty of space to work, so we’ve added seven new coworking tables complete with ethernet ports to accommodate everyone.

Larger Kitchen Area

Our kitchen area is a great space to relax and have a conversation with a fellow coworker. Now, you’ve got more room than ever including more counter space.

New 70″ Presentation Screen

Giving a presentation? We’ve now got a new 70” screen you can use for projecting your PowerPoint or video.

Second Pool Table

At CoWorkTampa, we value work and play. Check out our new second pool table and take a break with a coworker- you deserve it.

Premium Dedicated Desks

Our new dedicated desks give you your own space, complete with dividers, file cabinets, and extra chairs for meetings.

Additional 5,000 Square Feet

We’ve expanded! To make room for all our great members we’ve added 5,000 square feet of space to accommodate more coworking tables, private offices, dedicated desks, phone booths, and more.

13 More Private Offices

For those of you who want your own private space to get work done, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got 13 new private offices, bringing our overall total to 31!

New Community Manager!

You’ve probably seen him around already, but if not, say, “Hello!” to Jowel! Jowel is our new community manager for CoWorkTampa.

Formerly a quality control and inventory manager from Affordable Laser, Jowel is a recent graduate from USF. He’s a walking Yelp with his vast knowledge of the local food and drink scene, and he enjoys talking about basically anything. Need a recommendation for a cool new spot? Come see him!

Jowel is your go-to for anything CoWork Tampa, including memberships, billing, events, mail, coffee, printing, etc. So stop by on the first floor and say, “Hello!” to our new community manager! If he’s not there, you can reach him via e-mail or WhatsApp.