Free Workspace for Those Impacted by Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew approaches the East Coast, we’ve decided to open our doors to those individuals impacted by the storm. If you are in need of a workspace, CoWorkTampa will be free for you to use for the next two weeks.

We understand the frustrations of being displaced during a storm, but we hope CoWorkTampa will be a great place to get some work done until things return to normal.

Sending a special thanks to for helping make this possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Wishing everyone a safe and productive week!

Internship at CoWorkTampa

This is my second summer internship experience, however it feels like the first time. Last year I worked at a multinational bank, where I would sit at my small desk and perform statistical analysis. It’s funny how our paths sometimes go in completely different directions; how our preferences change. I’ve always liked marketing and the entrepreneurship environment, and CoWorkTampa combines both worlds.

Right now, I am mostly helping Chris and Ryan to keep their social media platforms updated, which is very interesting, as social media is used by almost all of the business in the U.S. It is a great tool to market yourself, keep track of your advertising investments, and especially, create a bond between the business and the customer. If a business can use social media effectively through things like providing quick responses to inquiries and frequently producing new material, there will be a strong positive correlation between social media use and client retention in the long run.

However, learning new skills is just 3% of the task of an intern, the other 97% is networking. We still live in a people’s world, where the most powerful tool you can have is interpersonal skills to create new relationships with others. I can’t think of a better place to meet new people than CoWorkTampa, as they provide office space to a diverse number of well-known companies and start-ups, giving me the opportunity to meet great entrepreneurs. Another important identity shift all interns (including myself) should make is to become more internally oriented, as opposed to externally oriented, meaning we should take full responsibility for the outcomes in our life and become the action takers. Blaming external factors for everything that happens to us just strengthens the ego.

CoWorkTampa Named Trump Tampa Headquarters

You may have heard of CoWorkTampa from last year’s fierce city council race.  Guido Maniscalco hosted his watch party at the space, and went on to victory with the help of Chris Arnoldi and his social media advertising agency,

Now, politics at CoWorkTampa has just gone national in a huge way!

This past week Arnoldi, founder of CoWorkTampa, received a call from Donald Trump’s senior advisor, Mike Bowen. The following day, Deputy Director for Trump Florida and the Hillsborough County Campaign Chairman came by to check out CoWorkTampa as a potential operations center. After a brief tour, they decided it was the perfect location for the campaign’s ground game.

As a result, this weekend Trump staffers will be moving into a private office establishing CoWorkTampa as headquarters of the Trump campaign for Tampa and Hillsborough County!

In addition to local campaign administration, the Trump Campaign will be operating a phone bank, leading neighborhood walks, and hosting promotional activities at the largest and most popular co-working space in Tampa.

To learn more about our space visit and to get involved in the Trump campaign visit