4 Ways To Make The Most Of Coworking

Coworking is changing the way freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs are working. These hot spots that offer Wi-Fi, coffee and a place to network are popping up all over the globe. Adjusting from working at home or out of the coffee shop to coworking is a beneficial move.
We have compiled a list of tips to get the most out of your coworking experience.

1. Take advantage of networking opportunities. Coworking is all about the community. You are working alongside like-minded individuals who might be able to help you solve a problem or give you advice. Be appropriate about networking during coworking hours, though. Grab a coffee or go out to lunch to get to know them so you’re not distracting them from their work.

2. Utilize meeting rooms. Do you have a private conference call or need to meet with a client? Coworking spaces usually offer a room or area which you can sign up for a time to use. This is a great alternative to making phone calls in the middle of the coworking area. Nothing is worse than having people scream over each other during important phone calls or top secret meetings.

3. Keep area clean. Keeping the area you use clean helps keep the coworking space neat and tidy. Having chaos from wires, paper and garbage everywhere can hinder productivity. Doing simple tasks like throwing trash away and cleaning your dishes can help keep the space organized.

4. Bring headphones. The sound of your e-mail or incoming messages beeping can be a little distracting and annoying. That cat video you are watching on YouTube might be hilarious and all, but people are trying to work. Using headphones to keep your noise to a minimum is respectful to everyone around you. You might be used to working in silence from home; getting used to the daily buzz of a coworking community might be a bit of an adjustment for you. Investing in a pair of headphones to drown out background noise will help you focus on your work. offers an affordable, alternative workplace for those who work from home, are independent contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs. The 6,000 square-foot facility offers a large coworking area, high speed internet, six TVs, access to two meeting rooms with A/V equipment, abundant free parking and a large kitchen area with coffee. The space is conveniently located just five miles from Tampa International Airport and only one mile from I-275.

If you are interested in becoming a member, holding a meetup, class or event, please contact Samantha at or call (813) 877-2435 today!