CoWorking Is The Future

In response to the Forbes article published on April 25th, 2013 titled,

Coworking: Is It Just A Fad Or The Future Of Business.”

Coworking is more than just a fad. We have witnessed first hand what it can do for the community, startups, and established businesses. Coworking is more than an office space. It is an idea generator and catalyst that sets the future in motion.

When different people with different ideas are put in a room together great can things happen. Just this month a CoWorkTampa regular teamed up with ICT Funds to create FeedMe, an app currently in stealth-mode.

I have been an intern at CoWorkTampa and Uhsome for about two months. Everytime I come into the office I am so much more productive than I am at home. In a space that is professional but not stuffy the creativity and the work flows. So many great ideas have come alive since I have been here. It really is amazing to experience. The knowledge that is easily transferred between people in a cowork space is unlike anything else. Coworking will continue to grow. It is the future of business.

Rebecca Keyes

Marketing Major & Intern