Planes, Trains and Lasagna

At our Lunch & Learn event the legendary Brent Britton presented “Business Lessons From 30,000 Feet” with unwavering enthusiasm. During the hour-long talk Brent humorously compared airplane travel to starting your own business. Brent is an intellectual property lawyer in Tampa and an adjunct professor of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida.

Lessons learned:
1. Secure your own oxygen mask before helping those around you
2. Your nearest exit may be behind you
3. Every moment is a branding moment
4. A successful launch usually requires a lot of runway
5. A little dramatic flair never killed anyone

Montauro’s Ristorante catered the event, featuring an Italian salad, chicken cutlets, warm bread, the best cannoli in town, and enough lasagna to feed a village. The CoWorkTampa members had lunch for days.