Group launches plan to boost ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’

A group of Tampa Bay entrepreneurs has developed a plan they believe will lead to thriving entrepreneurial activity in the Tampa Bay region.
The “Tampa Bay 6/20 Plan” aims to give “a shared voice to the entrepreneurial leaders who are looking to develop Tampa Bay into one of the best regions in
the country to start and grow their businesses,” a written statement said. Continue reading “Group launches plan to boost ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’”

Coworking sites proliferate, trend continues

Building on the growing popularity of shared work environments, and looking to supplement income, Chris Arnoldi founded CoWorkTampa, a “coworking loft” in a renovated cigar factory in Tampa this summer.

The 6,000-square-foot space on North Armenia Avenue features 13 individual offices, a large coworking area, a meeting room and other amenities.
“I needed an office and the coworking space helps me subsidize those costs,” said Arnoldi, whose Internet marketing company Uhsome LLC shares the facility. Continue reading “Coworking sites proliferate, trend continues”

TBBJ photos of the week

Tim Marks, president of Metropolitan Ministries plays with Angel, 5, and Anika, 6 in the after school program. Marks impressed me with his ability to be just “one of the guys” on the playground. It was his idea to slide with the girls after I asked him to ignore me and just be himself. He played with all the kids and really listened when they talked with him. He didn’t even flinch when a little boy pinched his nose in play.